Vaygr Advanced Assault Frigate.

adv assault frigate
This advanced assault frigate has five turrets instead of three.

Vaygr Advanced Heavy Missile Frigate.

adv heavy missile frigate
Ship sensors were moved to the front to make a space for the defense turret. Which means it can resist against light attacks, unlike the standard Heavy Missile Frigate.

Vaygr Command Frigate.

command frigate frigate
This support frigate fulfills the same role as the Command Corvette, but it can also build one of a few subsystems as the hyperspace inhibitor or the advanced sensor array.

Vaygr Artillery Frigate.

artillery frigate
Artillery Frigate is the most advanced frigate of the Vaygr fleet. It shoots one of the three types of missiles (fuse missiles of a Battlecruiser, long range or cluster) and it can be also upgraded by number of subsystems. It can build probes and mine layer drones with the production subsystem.


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